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Who We Are in Boulder, Colorado

- Answers the phones, runs the office, shuffles the paperwork, is the IT person, and he can also help you with finding or buying plumbing parts if you need them.
- Has been here for over 18 years and is the lead plumbing service technician and does most of the lawn sprinkler repairs.
- Started B & D Plumbing and has been the owner for over 40 years. He has lived in Boulder for 47 years.
John says a little about himself:
I am 66 years old. I have been plumbing in Boulder since I was 21. My two children were born in Boulder and attended Boulder schools.
I can be grumpy at times. I do not plan on retiring any time soon, so get used to me.
I take B & D Plumbing Company very personally and frequently say, "I will do something" when I should say, "B & D will do something." With my plumbing and heating experience there are many things that I know and am willing to help you with. There are also many things that I don't know and things that I am not comfortable helping you with. You do not have to be a paying customer to call and talk to me or to ask my advice.
I am old school and not as "green" as a lot of the young plumbers around. I tend to keep things simple and try to keep your costs down. Sometimes less is better.

I am John Dillie and the buck stops here.