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Plumber Reviews in Boulder, Colorado

I have gotten some reviews posted on the internet. Below is my response to some of them.

First - to every one of my customers who have taken the time to post a good review...
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Next - To JeZippy E. who posted on Yelp * - denotes a word or sentence that was revised after JZE's update
I really enjoyed your 1-star review - really.

It was fairly lengthy, but accurate. Her two complaints were - #1: B & D Plumbing didn't have a website and John Dillie didn't care about the lack thereof. #2: That B & D Plumbing didn't sell or install the water heater that she wanted for her home.

JeZippy E. suspected by our phone conversation that I am an old man - she is right. She also believes that I only install cheap water heaters - she is right.
My response to her first complaint: Dear JeZippy E., please note that even an old man can change. I now have a website.

To her second complaint: My estimate is that JeZippy E. [*paid] received estimates of between $5,000 and $7,000 to have her [*new] dream water heater installed. This would include the necessary gas, electrical, vent, water piping and other accessories. The 10 water heaters that I installed in November and December of 2011 were priced from a low of $984 to a high of $1280, including gas, electrical (if necessary), venting, water piping, and other accessories.

Granted JeZippy E.'s [*new] dream water heater is very efficient and state of the art. Mine are average. [*Dear JeZippy E., if you read this, will you please let me know what the actual cost of your water heater was, installed, and I will post that instead of the above estimate.]

To my readers, if you would like to spend $5000 to $7000 on a water heater, please do not call me to install it for you. If you would like to spend $1345 to $1454 on a water heater, call me, B & D Plumbing can help.
UPDATE: I have read JeZippy E.'s update and appreciate it. I have revised the wording in my original response to reflect the updated info. I have left in, but crossed out some of the original response.

I do not see any new questions that I can answer. But I do have a request for JeZippy E. Dear JeZippy E., now that we have come to some mutual conclusions #1 the website issue - I listened and I acted. #2 The water heater issue - JeZippy E. has decided that her dream water heater was a little pricier than she wanted to pay for it at this time and has decided to live with a water heater that, I suspect, is comparable in quality and price to the water heaters that I am willing to sell to my customers. Note - I DO believe that the new, efficient water heaters are good water heaters and are a lot more environmentally friendly. If you want one, and feel that the price works for you, talk to someone about them and have one installed. As for myself, I am old, and old-school, and assume that my customers appreciate it when someone takes a bit less money out of their pocket.

Now to my request. JeZippy E., just because these two issues have been resolved, please DO NOT change my review rating. I am proud of my 1-star rating from you. Let me explain why.

When I read your update to B & D Plumbing's review, my curiosity led me to read your other 26 Yelp reviews as of 1-11-12. I found that there were two other Boulder plumbing companies that you have reviewed. As none of the 3 plumbing companies have done any actual work for you, I see that your reviews are based mostly on price, advertising, and I suspect in at least one case, personality. I know each of the other 2 plumbing companies that you reviewed. One has been active for over 55 years, the other for over 27 years. My professional opinion, as a plumber, is that they:

  1. Both are very experienced and knowledgeable in their trade.
  2. Both strive to provide quality workmanship.
  3. Both care about their customers.
  4. Both guarantee their work.
  5. Both have worked for 10's of thousands of customers, over the years, who appreciate them and call them back when they have more work.
  6. Both support the community as businesses and as individuals. They donate time and money to local causes and charities.

THEREFORE, I consider it a compliment to be considered an equal of these two businesses. So, again, I am proud of my 1-star rating from you and shall think of it as a badge of honor.

P.S: Our differences are not so great. You rated a local restaurant - both it's North and South locations 4 stars. I enjoy both of these locations very much and I agree with you.

Now a very easy response to Mark, the tenant, who posted on Google and called me a CROOK.
Mark, I can only say how thankful I am that I was either smart enough or lucky enough or both that I refused to become involved in your problems.

I am going to print here the whole 1-star review by Christopher A. also posted on Yelp.
"Don't use this company. They did the plumbing on a remodel of our home a couple of years ago and it has been a disaster. When we called the owner to make an inquiry he said 'I'm old, I don't remember and I don't care.'"

This is a tough review for me to reply to as it is not very specific.
I remember this call from Christopher A. fairly well. From the beginning of the conversation I felt a tension between CA and myself. Probably my fault as sometimes I can be abrupt. I also did not get a specific year for this remodel from CA. When I asked, his reply was "A couple years ago" - or maybe it was - "A few years ago."
I do not do many remodels anymore. What I do is repair and service plumbing & heating problems. I quit doing remodels in the 1990's, 15 years ago or more. At this time our conversation was getting us nowhere and I decided to end it by saying, "I'm old, I don't remember and I don't care." I am, I don't, and at that point in time, as to his inquiry, I didn't.

BUT, During this conversation I do not remember anything being said about the quality of the plumbing that I provided. Especially that it had been a disaster - and believe me - I would have remembered a statement like that.
CA, I would like to know more about the problems you have had with my workmanship or materials. If there are problems that I need to address so that they do not happen in the future, I would like to do so. If there are similar problems that have happened elsewhere and that I became aware of, I can promise you that I have already addressed them. It is my goal to provide quality workmanship and materials to my customers.
CA, I would also like to know if you ever had a need for B & D to do any warranty work on this plumbing, and if so, did I promptly take care of it at no cost to you? I generally warranty our workmanship and the materials that we sell for a period of at least one year. And I pride myself on quickly solving problems that may occur.
CA, if you read this response and feel like contacting me, please do so.

I am John Dillie and I take my plumbing very seriously.
The rest of life - not so much.